Thursday, 1 November 2007

What is self-empowerment?

The word self- empowerment (whether spelt with or without a hyphen) does not appear in my laptop’s SA, US or UK English thesauruses, nor in my own Essential English- or Oxford dictionaries at home.
There are all kinds of other self-‘whatevers’, but not self- empowerment.
So, I am left to my own devices in explaining what self-empowerment means to me.

A self-empowered person, to me, is somebody who has found, within himself or herself, the stability of mind in the knowing that each person has their own truth within themselves. Realising that there are many truths, and not just one, will result in the knowing of the right of each individual to follow their own truth.
The question then arises if this knowing will result in chaos – if everybody just does what he or she wants?
The answer is NO – not when people have an inner knowing of self-empowerment. Abuse of thought and taking advantage for monetary gain will be part and parcel of ANY modality that no truly self-empowered person will or is morally able to make cheap reward of.

In this light, self-empowerment is something that comes from within a person’s psyche. It does not refer to riches, social standing or how much one can show it off. Self-empowerment cannot be seen, it cannot be bought, and it is not on sale at the nearest retail outlet. I mean, could you imagine? – it would become a bling item for a few weeks or months, purposefully marketed as a “have-to-have” by Hollywood’s finest sales reps and then be discarded for the next best thing – completely hollow and without meaning.
Self-empowerment is also not in-born self-assurance, although a vital ingredient in self-esteem, self-assurance is not self-empowerment. Self-empowerment is that which one acquires through wisdom gained through life experience.

Self-empowerment is a personal knowing that you are your own highest authority. It has to do with who and what you are. It is about you as a human being and not about any body else. Self-empowerment is not something you can touch, but you can feel it. Other people can also feel your self-empowered state, but they cannot physically touch it. They may be able to verbally affect it, but that will depend on the strength and conviction of your own state of mind.
Others will “see” a strength in you – a silent strength that needs no exterior support – and they may become fearful of you and resort to blackmailing tactics in an effort to diminish your value in your self; especially if they are seen as “superior” to you in some way in your social- or work life.


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Lindy said...

Great posting! Calls into mind the words of Michael and his Soul Ages.(Maybe self empowerment is not for everyone and that you have to grow and develop through your soul ages to get there.)