Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Two great links..

Below are two links to some interesting places:

Here is the link to Zenatude - http://www.zenatude.co.za/ - a place that explores movement, consciousness and life.

This site is called Optamind - about meditation technique.
Follow this link http://www.optamind.co.za/index.htm - point your arrow to FREE MEDITATION DOWNLOAD and then click on the drop down option OPTAMIND DEMO - you'll have to register your first name and e-mail address (no worry, it's quite harmless). Click on PLEASE SUBSCRIBE ME and follow the link as to save their demo meditation music onto your PC. It's the sound of droning rain with a Tibetan singing bowl in the background - quite amazing. You can listen to it before you download it - it's about 12 minutes.

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