Saturday, 20 October 2007

For the past several weeks I have been hectically busy training people on how to press buttons on computers; still carrying on with the spiritual stuff, treatments and, and.. – oh, bother, Spirit did warn me that I need to slow down – and I am now heeding this warning. Burn out hit me full on and left me wilted in bed.
So much for taking my own advice on not doing sooo much.
And at the end of the day, it’s not worth it.
What’s that advert about “you’re worth it”?

Anyhoo. If you are not going to see to it that your life is filled with more meaningful activities than slogging away at a job – and also allowing your self sufficient mental recuperation – then Spirit will see to it that you get to rest the hard way; stick your touchy in bed with a stuffy nose and a body that feels flabbier than a punctured wine skin.
Honestly, though, it is of vital benefit to notably include in our busy lives actual activities that have nothing to do with our work life – and by “activities” I mean things like Yoga, meditation groups, cycling groups, book clubs, creative writing, getting holistic treatments, etc..; that is why hobbies are very beneficial. Something meaningful that occupies your mind with creative thoughts. And then – get enough rest! Meaning that thing that requires you to do nothing. Everyone needs a time to do absolutely nothing, but sleep late, watch movies and snack in bed.
And one really needs to do this. Avoid learning it the hard way. Also don’t try and do everything all the time – some things just simply have to be left for later…, or never.

It is not plausible to tell other people how they should spend their leisure time or that they need to actively decide to have more of it. Each to their own. But, it is a decision that needs to be made and enforced; it does not drop into your lap.

Does anybody have anythin to add on how to spend quality time on your own? How does one do nothing?


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