Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Two great links..

Below are two links to some interesting places:

Here is the link to Zenatude - http://www.zenatude.co.za/ - a place that explores movement, consciousness and life.

This site is called Optamind - about meditation technique.
Follow this link http://www.optamind.co.za/index.htm - point your arrow to FREE MEDITATION DOWNLOAD and then click on the drop down option OPTAMIND DEMO - you'll have to register your first name and e-mail address (no worry, it's quite harmless). Click on PLEASE SUBSCRIBE ME and follow the link as to save their demo meditation music onto your PC. It's the sound of droning rain with a Tibetan singing bowl in the background - quite amazing. You can listen to it before you download it - it's about 12 minutes.

Saturday, 20 October 2007

For the past several weeks I have been hectically busy training people on how to press buttons on computers; still carrying on with the spiritual stuff, treatments and, and.. – oh, bother, Spirit did warn me that I need to slow down – and I am now heeding this warning. Burn out hit me full on and left me wilted in bed.
So much for taking my own advice on not doing sooo much.
And at the end of the day, it’s not worth it.
What’s that advert about “you’re worth it”?

Anyhoo. If you are not going to see to it that your life is filled with more meaningful activities than slogging away at a job – and also allowing your self sufficient mental recuperation – then Spirit will see to it that you get to rest the hard way; stick your touchy in bed with a stuffy nose and a body that feels flabbier than a punctured wine skin.
Honestly, though, it is of vital benefit to notably include in our busy lives actual activities that have nothing to do with our work life – and by “activities” I mean things like Yoga, meditation groups, cycling groups, book clubs, creative writing, getting holistic treatments, etc..; that is why hobbies are very beneficial. Something meaningful that occupies your mind with creative thoughts. And then – get enough rest! Meaning that thing that requires you to do nothing. Everyone needs a time to do absolutely nothing, but sleep late, watch movies and snack in bed.
And one really needs to do this. Avoid learning it the hard way. Also don’t try and do everything all the time – some things just simply have to be left for later…, or never.

It is not plausible to tell other people how they should spend their leisure time or that they need to actively decide to have more of it. Each to their own. But, it is a decision that needs to be made and enforced; it does not drop into your lap.

Does anybody have anythin to add on how to spend quality time on your own? How does one do nothing?


Wednesday, 3 October 2007

What is life-force channelling?

In this week’s Lilac Master I am going to respond to a question that has been posed to me several times – and that is on what I actually do in the metaphysical world.
Over the past 7 years I have been studying various metaphysical modalities such as energy healing (like Reiki), Yoga, Zen, polarity therapy, crystal healing, charkas, and several more – also some psychic methods.
I have recently come up with a new modality, called life-force channelling, and this is what I have been working on.
I have not yet advertised it on my web pages, because I still have things to work out, but I have included below a description of what it entails:

I practice a form of energy evaluation of the human psyche through clairsentients and interpretation of the body’s surrounding and emanating energies, called life-force channelling.

What is life-force channelling and how is it applied?
Life-force channelling incorporates and is based upon two primary feelings: undiluted love and complete respect.
Universal consciousness is always present and is always communicating with us; it is simply a matter of being aware of the means of communication and familiarising your self with the different means of interpretation.
Through life-force channelling you will come to know how to read the energies of the metaphysical world and also how to interpret the symbolic language of the body. Thus, basically, speaking with that that has created us.

Life-force channelling is a hands on energetic treatment. The majority of the treatment is based on energy healing, as in the use of, for example, Reiki, and evaluating the emotional status of the physical body through the major energy centres. It also includes physical touch therapy, massage and crystal reflexology – and a bit of intuitive polarity therapy.

A full 2-hour life-force channelling treatment from head to toe, including the written 82-page support manual (Orgasms of Light) will come to R500. (Note: the last half hour/ twenty minutes is spent on communicating the messages and symbology received from Universal consciousness to the client.)
Without the support manual the treatment will cost R400.
The support manual on its own is R100.
The PDF is R80.
The full treatment will include the following: A 12-minute relaxation technique, followed by a half hour crystal massage on the feet. The major energy vortexes of the body are then treated and analysed through a clairsentient process that penetrates and harmonises with your energy field. Therapeutic touch (polarity technique) is also applied to the neck, shoulders, spine and hands.
The treatment is quite intense and leaves all clients in an altered state of consciousness after the treatment is complete. Some will be notably invigorated and some will experience tearful release of ‘heavy’ emotions.
Because the entire treatment is also a psychic interpretation of the client personally, 30 minutes or so will be spent (after the treatment is complete) in relaying to the client what it is that they should know, who they are now and who they can become and what decisions they are currently facing and what they can do about them. The analysis is very personal and only applies to the client in regards to what type of person they truly are.

A shortened version of the treatment (of 1 and a half hours) only, will come at a cost of R350.

Other treatments and analyses on offer:
A crystal foot massage of 45 minutes, including a 5-minute clairsentient/clairvoyant interpretation of the client’s psyche – taken during the treatment. Cost = R100
One-on-one or long distance (over e-mail) psychic analysis of the client’s personality and reason for being here on Earth. Cost = R150

Following below is a short explanation if one is going to learn the art of life-force channelling (I hope to at a later stage give classes in this modality).
If you have read or are going to read the support manual Orgasms of Light you will come to realise that life-force channelling is all about giving people the highest possible respect in relaying to them information from Spirit. By doing this, you are allowing them to realise their highest potential and authority within themselves. Interpreting another’s life-force is not for the weak-minded and takes great power from within to analyse simply as an observer, so as to allow the one receiving life-force channelling to step into their own power if they so wish.
Hence the title Orgasms of Light – as we are all the result of birth from the Universal consciousness.
Life-force channelling can be summed up thus: Having respect for everything that comes into your thought, passes by your way or comes into your space. What does this actually mean? To gain such an intimate knowing of respecting everything can only come from one specific place of consciousness – this is revealed, assimilated and understood through the complete understanding of your self; to know who you really are. It is to gain freedom from desperation, victim mentality, expectancy and need. Simply stated, it means the understanding of and practical use and implementation of unconditional love. Unconditional love is not something that yet proliferates on the earth plane amongst humanity. It is, in our human reality, quite rare, if sometimes even non-existent.
All types of human relationships suffer from desperation, victim mentality, expectancy and need, but we do not need to be the slaves of these emotions.
Being able to act out love that does not require reciprocation is a divine trait that many see as impossible to attain, but it is possible; and you will only start to attain it by starting to live it. To wait for the completion of something before you start practicing it falls in with the mundane concepts of our scholastic world and its derivatives. In the metaphysical world - to learn and teach, go together. To fool yourself into thinking that you need the completion of the learning process to start teaching those exact things, points to the fear of the development of the psyche.
Yes, experience is great and necessary, and emotional experience is gained very well through respectfully, and without judgement, allowing that experience for another without trying to control it.
If you are going to truly understand the forces of life, then you will be presented with things and situations that will teach you respect.
Respect through unconditional love for absolutely everything in life will allow you to come to know what life-force channelling is all about. It will teach you also to understand the energetic manifestations of the body, brought forth in the interpreting of metaphysical symbols within the human psyche.

Life-force channelling in its pure form is to communicate with Creation.


Life-Force Channeller
& Spiritual Counsellor