Tuesday, 18 September 2007

You Are What You Eat..

A reader asked me to expand and explain more on the saying “you are what you eat” – this comment is often used and I also quote it in my book ORGASMS OF LIGHT in the chapter regarding food.
“You are what you eat” is a well-known saying. So much so that people tend to not recognise the truth attached to it.

However, I do not wish to over-explain and have decided to quote from a book called NEO HEALTH, by Keith Armour Mc Farlane:
“Any health condition is an indication that your body is like a ‘stagnant pond’. It is essential, that you immediately halt any further toxification. This includes physical, emotional, mental and environmental toxification.

If you insist on feeding yourself poison, you are wasting your time!

As far as nutrition goes, immediately cut out all processed, refined, artificially flavoured, coloured and preserved foods as well as all genetically modified foods and foods with added sugar and salt.

Cut out all stimulants like coffee, tea, alcohol, tobacco and soft drinks. All drugs, both pharmaceutical and recreational are toxic to your body. NOTE: Always consult your medical practitioner before making any changes to prescriptive medication.
Avoid dairy products, hydrogenated oils and if you are going to eat meat, do so sparingly and make sure that it is organic. Do not drink tap water” (I would think that that would indicate not drinking tap water straight from the tap without having it filtered first) “, which is highly chlorinated and fluoridated and reduce or eliminate air conditioning, antiperspirants and” (chemically enhanced) “sun block creams. Remember if you can’t eat it, don’t put it on your skin.

Cut all fear mongering and stay away from pessimists. Fear is the greatest inhibitor of life. You need love, encouragement and support.

The next point is extremely important to remember.

As soon as you begin emptying your ‘stagnant pond’, the toxins must be released from your body as quickly as possible. Any increase of toxins in your blood stream will increase blood protein loss and this will put you right back where you started.

Once you begin your journey, keep the channels of elimination open and flowing. Internal organ cleanliness is next to Godliness!”

Comment: Although the above quote is well stated (in my opinion), one also has to bear in mind that each person follows their own journey in health of body, mind and soul. The thing that we have to always remember is not to judge anybody for not following the same path that you are on, for not sharing the same opinion(s) as you or not supporting the same actions than you. This is vital for your own continued growth as a responsible individual.


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