Monday, 17 September 2007

Living Life Resposibly..

Living life responsibly –

I have been giving this one some thought – one could easily end up writing an essay – and came up with a solution in writing about this topic in, more-or-less, point form:

Before we chat about what it is to live a responsible life, it would be more prudent to highlight several emotional drawbacks that do not contribute to living responsibly with yourself.

Such a state, whether temporary or chronic, usually occurs when people aren't connected with themselves as their own source of love. It's an emptiness that seeks to fill itself with the attention of other people.
Jealous people share with possessive ones a lack of self-nurturance.
People, who fall in love or are drawn to the same type of person all the time, are usually following the impulse of the ego’s will rather than the spontaneous intuition of the deeper soul.
The person who remains attached to a lost love is a person who is all too willing to overlook the deepest flaws of another and to surrender his/her identity to that person. This act is co-dependency, not the respectful and appreciative merging of two equals.
These emotions come into effect when one cannot set one’s emotional boundaries; or enforce the know-how in helping to draw the line between compassion and emotional identification.
People who display this quality are characterized by a reluctance to become involved emotionally with others. When those who want their advice pursue them, they tend to withdraw even more deeply. They reason that when they're burdened with a problem they prefer to figure it out themselves, rather than risk interference from others. What they don't see is that they are missing out on the opportunity to relate to and learn from other people.

To remedy the abovementioned issues, there is actually only one solution: RESPECT. That’s it. And what’s more, respect for your self. Respecting only others is not going to get you very far – sorry for that, but it’s completely true. You cannot have complete respect for others if you do not completely respect yourself…, and by complete respect I MEAN complete respect!
Through learning and practicing this respect, it will be a natural and immediate consequence that your respect will flow out to others and other things.
But, to make it a bit simpler (and instead of writing numerous pages on self-respect), I am going to mention some straightforward methods to achieve right living:

Right living will be instituted and maintained through practicing the five basic yoga principles of:

1. Non-harming
2. Honesty
3. Non-stealing
4. Responsible sexuality
5. Greedlessness

‘Non-harming’ is something I speak about in a big way in my book Orgasms Of Light – if one’s decisions do not harm another being or thing then you are probably on the right track.

‘Honesty’ is a quality that is rather lacking today – and when found is really worth treasuring; firstly within yourself and also within others.

‘Non-stealing’ – whether this is shoplifting, emotional blackmail or the usurping of ideas, stealing generates a simple yet downright heavy energy of lack within your self.

‘Responsible sexuality’ points to not taking advantage of others – sexually. And this includes your spouse. Because if you do take advantage of others in this way, you will directly also be taking advantage of your own integrity.

‘Greedlessness’ is an act of kindness. Being greedy is simply an act of desperation. Greed is a tempting factor in anything and everything.

All of the above first needs to be addressed within your self. And all of the above can be achieved through one act only – and that is: HAVE RESPECT FOR EVERYTHING THAT YOU ARE AND DO – and if you really achieve this without fooling yourself, you do not have to consciously worry about whether you respect others, because you will.


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