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Living from the Soul's Perspective..


Whatever connection happens on the inside of you will manifest on the outside.

These days as soon as a thing is introduced into the market with an opening sale, within a few days it will be on the closing sale.
Our modern lives are, for the most part, quite rushed (“diplomatic enough?”). Before you know it, your face will be out of fashion and the shoes you bought last week - will really be… so last week.
A colleague of mine once asked my advice on how to spend less money in a month (“mmmmm, maybe she was on a low cycle that day…”) – as soon as I dared tell her that she should stop buying all those superfluous magazines, she baulked. Aaaah, there is so much to keep us in-the-know; in our social settings and in business.
Even in spirituality there is an astronomical amount of paraphernalia that would qualify one as a seasoned stuffologist.
By the time you have finished with all the breathing exercises and mantras and journal writing and meditations and readings and going onto all the websites you are supposed to look at because you are told to in the 900 e-mails you receive and, and, and…, oh myyy, it’s already tomorrow afternoon – and you have not even gone to work yet…, sis on you, there’s still the dishes to do.
This kind of I know nothing and believe everything attitude will land you up in an institution, even if it is only one of mental proportions…, uh, pardon the pun?

In our modern day, it is imperative that we lessen the impact of modern stuffology. Our mental applications are now being over taxed – more or less like an old steam train trying to get up a steep hill; by now so overloaded with coal that it just might not make the top.
Dearies, the only solution to this hiccup is a concrete attempt at throwing out. Not even filing away or, God forbid, putting it somewhere else for supposed later filing or never-to-happen getting rid of.

I remember once when the big furry cleaning spider but me – it was ugly; the spider, I mean. I donned the proverbial apron and plastic cloves and attacked the inner bowels of my cottage. I scrubbed floors; packed out, cleaned and repacked cupboards; threw out piles of old clothes and books, ready for the recycle and reuse bins. My mad hatter interlude became a bit of a three day “get cleaned or get out” situation – including any human passers by.
So, what am I getting at?..


…and what on earth would be the point of discussing the be-cluttering operations we all undergo? I am not going to write a whole book containing copious practical applications and umpteen ways of doing more stuff to undo the other stuff. We are all aware of the different aspects of life-cluttering situations. What needs to be looked at and acted upon, however, is the acknowledgement of a conscious cleanup operation in every aspect of living life.

Your biggest responsibility on this earth is your self – because it is only from there that you can serve the rest of humanity.
Modern society is coming up with way too many bigger and better things. A lot of them work, but many don’t – or they seem to work for a while, and the promises are fantastic. Mmmmmmmmmmmm, it’s like replacing computer software the whole time; people forget that much of the old stuff still work – it is simply a matter of upgrading that, instead of throwing the baby out with the bathwater and rubber ducky – and end up with millions of ever multiplying viruses.
You would probably be tempted to say that this is an oversimplified statement – and there lies our problem – for most, life is simply not simple enough.
If living is getting fabulously complicated – honey! it’s time to clean up the brain chamber.

The easiest way of doing this life-de-cluttering parade is to hire a gay housekeeper for the day –noooooo, just kidding (you might end up having your drapes rearranged!)
PLEASE people – HUMOR! That’s a vital ingredient if you are going to un-clutter your self.
…, but before we get the recipe befuddled, let’s stick to the actual topic under discussion: Living your life from the perspective of the soul.

Because this is a like-minded blog site, I am not going to continue expounding on this topic over the next thirty pages – so, suffice it to say that: if you can accomplish this – living from the soul’s perspective – in every aspect of you living life and that it becomes the primary point of consideration when making decisions, your life will be much easier to handle.
just BE in feeling…

Does anybody care to further comment on this?


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