Monday, 17 September 2007

Energy Healing..

What does energy healing involve and is there only one right way to do it?

I mulled over this question for a few days – and eventually came up with a totally different way of answering it than I originally thought..
First, I got down to the logistics of the question, but then thought better of it and simply let go of my own convictions and beliefs. The one answer was given me in two parts – one about creativity and the other about self-respect.

Always know that no energetic healing in ANY form can ultimately bring a cure to anybody. Healing can ONLY be facilitated for another. So…, in a way it does depend on the psyche of the healer as to how much ego will be present in the healing.
If you want to know if there is only one way of doing energy healing, the answer is NO, but there is one thing (actually one thing that is two) that prerequisites it’s honest facilitation.
· Facilitating energy healing is an act of creativity, and creativity requires courage - the courage to let go of certainties.
Let go of the certainty that you are bringing healing or that the person who is receiving the healing is honestly receiving it. You can only be certain of your own self – in who you are. There is no more than that.
· This then brings us to the second point of the whole thing that concerns the integrity of the healer: The awesome and singular power of self-respect will enable you to live your life in a state that does not succumb to the expectations of others – to “give yourself back to yourself”.
Your inner conviction will increase a thousand-fold with the timely acquisition of self-respect. Honest and real self-respect will result in respect for everything and everyone. This kind of respect will encompass every fibre of your being – including your little toe, which, symbolically, is the perception of your own potential.

With this knowledge in practice that nothing and no one is certain and everything and everybody is in a constant state of creation, you will gain immense power of discernment.
Viewing your self and all others with the utmost deep and inner respect possible, will enlighten you to the healing powers of the life force of the universe and all of creation – everywhere.

Only from this point can one truly be a healer:
Treat people as if they were already what they ought to be in their grandest version of themselves –
- when you begin to defend your assumptive definitions, ego arises in all its corrosive splendour.

..we tend to live up to our expectations..

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