Tuesday, 18 September 2007

You Are What You Eat..

A reader asked me to expand and explain more on the saying “you are what you eat” – this comment is often used and I also quote it in my book ORGASMS OF LIGHT in the chapter regarding food.
“You are what you eat” is a well-known saying. So much so that people tend to not recognise the truth attached to it.

However, I do not wish to over-explain and have decided to quote from a book called NEO HEALTH, by Keith Armour Mc Farlane:
“Any health condition is an indication that your body is like a ‘stagnant pond’. It is essential, that you immediately halt any further toxification. This includes physical, emotional, mental and environmental toxification.

If you insist on feeding yourself poison, you are wasting your time!

As far as nutrition goes, immediately cut out all processed, refined, artificially flavoured, coloured and preserved foods as well as all genetically modified foods and foods with added sugar and salt.

Cut out all stimulants like coffee, tea, alcohol, tobacco and soft drinks. All drugs, both pharmaceutical and recreational are toxic to your body. NOTE: Always consult your medical practitioner before making any changes to prescriptive medication.
Avoid dairy products, hydrogenated oils and if you are going to eat meat, do so sparingly and make sure that it is organic. Do not drink tap water” (I would think that that would indicate not drinking tap water straight from the tap without having it filtered first) “, which is highly chlorinated and fluoridated and reduce or eliminate air conditioning, antiperspirants and” (chemically enhanced) “sun block creams. Remember if you can’t eat it, don’t put it on your skin.

Cut all fear mongering and stay away from pessimists. Fear is the greatest inhibitor of life. You need love, encouragement and support.

The next point is extremely important to remember.

As soon as you begin emptying your ‘stagnant pond’, the toxins must be released from your body as quickly as possible. Any increase of toxins in your blood stream will increase blood protein loss and this will put you right back where you started.

Once you begin your journey, keep the channels of elimination open and flowing. Internal organ cleanliness is next to Godliness!”

Comment: Although the above quote is well stated (in my opinion), one also has to bear in mind that each person follows their own journey in health of body, mind and soul. The thing that we have to always remember is not to judge anybody for not following the same path that you are on, for not sharing the same opinion(s) as you or not supporting the same actions than you. This is vital for your own continued growth as a responsible individual.


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Monday, 17 September 2007

Energy Healing..

What does energy healing involve and is there only one right way to do it?

I mulled over this question for a few days – and eventually came up with a totally different way of answering it than I originally thought..
First, I got down to the logistics of the question, but then thought better of it and simply let go of my own convictions and beliefs. The one answer was given me in two parts – one about creativity and the other about self-respect.

Always know that no energetic healing in ANY form can ultimately bring a cure to anybody. Healing can ONLY be facilitated for another. So…, in a way it does depend on the psyche of the healer as to how much ego will be present in the healing.
If you want to know if there is only one way of doing energy healing, the answer is NO, but there is one thing (actually one thing that is two) that prerequisites it’s honest facilitation.
· Facilitating energy healing is an act of creativity, and creativity requires courage - the courage to let go of certainties.
Let go of the certainty that you are bringing healing or that the person who is receiving the healing is honestly receiving it. You can only be certain of your own self – in who you are. There is no more than that.
· This then brings us to the second point of the whole thing that concerns the integrity of the healer: The awesome and singular power of self-respect will enable you to live your life in a state that does not succumb to the expectations of others – to “give yourself back to yourself”.
Your inner conviction will increase a thousand-fold with the timely acquisition of self-respect. Honest and real self-respect will result in respect for everything and everyone. This kind of respect will encompass every fibre of your being – including your little toe, which, symbolically, is the perception of your own potential.

With this knowledge in practice that nothing and no one is certain and everything and everybody is in a constant state of creation, you will gain immense power of discernment.
Viewing your self and all others with the utmost deep and inner respect possible, will enlighten you to the healing powers of the life force of the universe and all of creation – everywhere.

Only from this point can one truly be a healer:
Treat people as if they were already what they ought to be in their grandest version of themselves –
- when you begin to defend your assumptive definitions, ego arises in all its corrosive splendour.

..we tend to live up to our expectations..

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Living from the Soul's Perspective..


Whatever connection happens on the inside of you will manifest on the outside.

These days as soon as a thing is introduced into the market with an opening sale, within a few days it will be on the closing sale.
Our modern lives are, for the most part, quite rushed (“diplomatic enough?”). Before you know it, your face will be out of fashion and the shoes you bought last week - will really be… so last week.
A colleague of mine once asked my advice on how to spend less money in a month (“mmmmm, maybe she was on a low cycle that day…”) – as soon as I dared tell her that she should stop buying all those superfluous magazines, she baulked. Aaaah, there is so much to keep us in-the-know; in our social settings and in business.
Even in spirituality there is an astronomical amount of paraphernalia that would qualify one as a seasoned stuffologist.
By the time you have finished with all the breathing exercises and mantras and journal writing and meditations and readings and going onto all the websites you are supposed to look at because you are told to in the 900 e-mails you receive and, and, and…, oh myyy, it’s already tomorrow afternoon – and you have not even gone to work yet…, sis on you, there’s still the dishes to do.
This kind of I know nothing and believe everything attitude will land you up in an institution, even if it is only one of mental proportions…, uh, pardon the pun?

In our modern day, it is imperative that we lessen the impact of modern stuffology. Our mental applications are now being over taxed – more or less like an old steam train trying to get up a steep hill; by now so overloaded with coal that it just might not make the top.
Dearies, the only solution to this hiccup is a concrete attempt at throwing out. Not even filing away or, God forbid, putting it somewhere else for supposed later filing or never-to-happen getting rid of.

I remember once when the big furry cleaning spider but me – it was ugly; the spider, I mean. I donned the proverbial apron and plastic cloves and attacked the inner bowels of my cottage. I scrubbed floors; packed out, cleaned and repacked cupboards; threw out piles of old clothes and books, ready for the recycle and reuse bins. My mad hatter interlude became a bit of a three day “get cleaned or get out” situation – including any human passers by.
So, what am I getting at?..


…and what on earth would be the point of discussing the be-cluttering operations we all undergo? I am not going to write a whole book containing copious practical applications and umpteen ways of doing more stuff to undo the other stuff. We are all aware of the different aspects of life-cluttering situations. What needs to be looked at and acted upon, however, is the acknowledgement of a conscious cleanup operation in every aspect of living life.

Your biggest responsibility on this earth is your self – because it is only from there that you can serve the rest of humanity.
Modern society is coming up with way too many bigger and better things. A lot of them work, but many don’t – or they seem to work for a while, and the promises are fantastic. Mmmmmmmmmmmm, it’s like replacing computer software the whole time; people forget that much of the old stuff still work – it is simply a matter of upgrading that, instead of throwing the baby out with the bathwater and rubber ducky – and end up with millions of ever multiplying viruses.
You would probably be tempted to say that this is an oversimplified statement – and there lies our problem – for most, life is simply not simple enough.
If living is getting fabulously complicated – honey! it’s time to clean up the brain chamber.

The easiest way of doing this life-de-cluttering parade is to hire a gay housekeeper for the day –noooooo, just kidding (you might end up having your drapes rearranged!)
PLEASE people – HUMOR! That’s a vital ingredient if you are going to un-clutter your self.
…, but before we get the recipe befuddled, let’s stick to the actual topic under discussion: Living your life from the perspective of the soul.

Because this is a like-minded blog site, I am not going to continue expounding on this topic over the next thirty pages – so, suffice it to say that: if you can accomplish this – living from the soul’s perspective – in every aspect of you living life and that it becomes the primary point of consideration when making decisions, your life will be much easier to handle.
just BE in feeling…

Does anybody care to further comment on this?


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Living Life Resposibly..

Living life responsibly –

I have been giving this one some thought – one could easily end up writing an essay – and came up with a solution in writing about this topic in, more-or-less, point form:

Before we chat about what it is to live a responsible life, it would be more prudent to highlight several emotional drawbacks that do not contribute to living responsibly with yourself.

Such a state, whether temporary or chronic, usually occurs when people aren't connected with themselves as their own source of love. It's an emptiness that seeks to fill itself with the attention of other people.
Jealous people share with possessive ones a lack of self-nurturance.
People, who fall in love or are drawn to the same type of person all the time, are usually following the impulse of the ego’s will rather than the spontaneous intuition of the deeper soul.
The person who remains attached to a lost love is a person who is all too willing to overlook the deepest flaws of another and to surrender his/her identity to that person. This act is co-dependency, not the respectful and appreciative merging of two equals.
These emotions come into effect when one cannot set one’s emotional boundaries; or enforce the know-how in helping to draw the line between compassion and emotional identification.
People who display this quality are characterized by a reluctance to become involved emotionally with others. When those who want their advice pursue them, they tend to withdraw even more deeply. They reason that when they're burdened with a problem they prefer to figure it out themselves, rather than risk interference from others. What they don't see is that they are missing out on the opportunity to relate to and learn from other people.

To remedy the abovementioned issues, there is actually only one solution: RESPECT. That’s it. And what’s more, respect for your self. Respecting only others is not going to get you very far – sorry for that, but it’s completely true. You cannot have complete respect for others if you do not completely respect yourself…, and by complete respect I MEAN complete respect!
Through learning and practicing this respect, it will be a natural and immediate consequence that your respect will flow out to others and other things.
But, to make it a bit simpler (and instead of writing numerous pages on self-respect), I am going to mention some straightforward methods to achieve right living:

Right living will be instituted and maintained through practicing the five basic yoga principles of:

1. Non-harming
2. Honesty
3. Non-stealing
4. Responsible sexuality
5. Greedlessness

‘Non-harming’ is something I speak about in a big way in my book Orgasms Of Light – if one’s decisions do not harm another being or thing then you are probably on the right track.

‘Honesty’ is a quality that is rather lacking today – and when found is really worth treasuring; firstly within yourself and also within others.

‘Non-stealing’ – whether this is shoplifting, emotional blackmail or the usurping of ideas, stealing generates a simple yet downright heavy energy of lack within your self.

‘Responsible sexuality’ points to not taking advantage of others – sexually. And this includes your spouse. Because if you do take advantage of others in this way, you will directly also be taking advantage of your own integrity.

‘Greedlessness’ is an act of kindness. Being greedy is simply an act of desperation. Greed is a tempting factor in anything and everything.

All of the above first needs to be addressed within your self. And all of the above can be achieved through one act only – and that is: HAVE RESPECT FOR EVERYTHING THAT YOU ARE AND DO – and if you really achieve this without fooling yourself, you do not have to consciously worry about whether you respect others, because you will.


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Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Orgasms Of Light - my new book

It is my pleasure to finally announce the official release of my book
Orgasms Of Light

Orgasms Of Light is available as a PDF and in filed manuscript format.

o The printable PDF is only 401KB with no pictures – at a cost of R80. The file will be e-mailed to you on request and receipt of payment.

o The printed & filed manuscript is available at R100.

A description of the book and sale information is available on my web pages at: http://www.renmag.co.za/index.php?option=com_uhp2&task=viewpage&Itemid=188&user_id=301

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