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The Science of Numbers

What is numerology actually all about? What is scientific about it – or is it just all spooky woo-woo?

When I was asked this question by a client recently – all I can remember is staring at her forehead and wondering if she used botox…
My explanation was not very well formulated and I think the lady was turned off numerology for life afterward. Oh well – but, her forehead was very smooth and shiny…

So many of us are trapped in this feast/famine cycle in our lives – swinging from loving life to wanting to slit our wrists with a blunt nail file. The titillation is now, of course, to find answers to life’s pressing questions. (Does that include: Honey, what’s for lunch?) Although there are many wise ways to find these answers; personally, I would stick to only a few, since THERE ARE JUST TOO MANY to do all of them! You’ll just end up cross-eyed and salivating from the mouth. Seriously!
One of the ways to find out who you are supposed to be in this life; what it is all about and why, I recommend Pythagorian numerolgy: It is a tool that provides insight through self-understanding, through which we are able to direct a more determined life path.
The numerology process that I have investigated is the one formulated by Pathagoras.
Fabulous! So, now that I am slightly off the hook here – I am going to give you the answer to the above question taken from THE COMPLETE BOOK OF NUMEROLOGY – discovering the inner self – by David A. Phillips, Ph.D.
Published by Hay House – ISBN 13: 978-1-4019-0727-3 / ISBN 10: 1-4019-0727-X

“Numerology recognises that numbers are vibrations, and each vibration is different from the next due to the number of cycles it oscillates at per second. The variation in each case is a number. “
It is well known in astrology, metaphysics, quantum physics and science that the universe speaks (so to speak…) a mathematical language.
“Every sound, colour, fragrance and thought is a vibration, and each dances to the tune of its inherent number, each in its distinct way connected to life.”
…and since it has been found and proven that humans are made up of similar building blocks in their bodies as found elsewhere in outer space bodies - thus, my dearies, it does not require any stretch of the imagination, whatsoever, to deduce that the emanations of vibrations by a human form are intimately connected to the vibration of numbers.
“ As such, understanding numbers provides us with a simple and accurate meaning of our life in the same way as a road map helps us to navigate a route that we have not previously travelled.”
Born in 608 B.C., Pythagoras sought to free the human mind from political and religious confinement.
Pythagoras founded his own university and Crotona, a Greek colony in southern Italy, around 532 B.C. The major course taught was in self-development, and was provided in a three-part curriculum… The second trimester was called ‘Purification’ and its essence was the understanding of life; its purpose and how to work in harmony with that purpose, as taught through the Science of Numbers, more commonly known today as numerology.

When performing this type of numerological outlay – it is not a simple 30 minute process…, To do it properly and in detail (and written out) requires some time – and a full outlay of this kind would take a full day to complete, at least.
Firstly, the person doing the layout would need a good metaphysical understanding of numbers – and also of the so-called ‘three aspects of the self’.

Such a layout would include the following:
1. The calculation of the birth chart according to your date of birth – with other words the vibrations and potentials you were born with (includes schematic).

2. The arrows of individuality – pointing to strengths and weaknesses in relation to the number vibrations held on the birth chart. Thus, the difficulties and strengths you are facing in your life (depicted on birth chart).

3. The ruling number – The natal ruling number depicts the main vibration of your purpose for being. However, it is supposed to be a marker (as all other numbers) and is not fixed, as one can definitely and should attempt to evolve beyond that.

4. The day number, which is a lesser concern in regard to the ruling number.

5. Schematic calculation of your nine-year cycle – these cycles facilitate the progress we are able to achieve as we evolve through the process of life on earth.

6. The Pyramids – these symbolise a twenty-seven year cycle in a human life by which one can deduce four physical peak ages of change in one lifetime and what they would basically entail. (It also has a special significance for Biblical scholars, for it is the number of chapters of the fourth book of the Bible – called Numbers.

7. The Astrology/Numerology connection

8. The Name chart – in which is deduced the power held by the vibration of your name in relation to mathematical numbers.

The Science of Numbers (Pythagorean Numerology) - R250 for a fully inclusive layout
If you wish to know what your life lesson and life purpose is, then this method of divination will give you a much more detailed picture:
Layout of Birth Chart (three aspects)
Ruling number
Day number
Nine-year cycle diagram
‘Pyramids’ of change
Astrology connection
Numerology on your name, incl. Soul Urge and Outer Expression numbers
Name Chart
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