Saturday, 4 August 2007

How does one achieve and keep inner peace?

…what inner peace is and how to keep it actually go hand in hand.
You see, to maintain a believable peaceful outlook, one also needs to have and maintain an inner harmony, because it is this unseen energy of inner peacefulness that other people will pick up on; and this peacefulness cannot be maintained if it is not real – one cannot have it if it is not truly present; it can also not be truly experienced if not honestly felt. So, this is one of those wonderful scenarios where it cannot be unless it is..

That wonderful cliché of inner peace – as if we are all supposed to be happy and content, wafting about on tulle, lace and incense – might as well be on Prozac for dogs – you might have less of a headache.
But seriously though, inner peace is not something you are going to get at 20% discount at Woolies nor pick up at bargain price at Morkels. It is not something that can be taught you by somebody else – it can only be shown. You can do as much Yoga as you want, deary, but you will never find the contentment of inner silence if you do not put practice into knowledge. Belief in something is not the complete picture – a belief is ultimately something that needs to be justified with a YES or NO.
Knowledge is inner knowing – it is your own truth that need not be explained to anybody and also has no requirement for anybody to prove it to you – for wanting something proven to others is an indication that you still have not proven it to yourself…, and this will not promote inner peace.

Inner peace can only be attained through the acknowledgement of everybody as his or her own highest authority – as seemingly painful as that might be. When your eyes have opened more to appreciate the processes of creation instead of the daily slog of survival, it is natural to be saddened by those who reach for their potential, but are drawn back by their own fears of experiencing. A very dangerous thing lies in making decisions for other people, because you think they would be happier for choosing to take the road of experiencing – you are not them – we are individuals for the reasoning of that unique individual experience. My truth may not be yours and yours not mine. Truths may be similar – and frequently are - , but they still are the truths of the individual experiencing them.
If you can respect this, you can respect all. If you can believe this, you will come to know it. If you can hold this in your consciousness always, you will live with inner peace – and this will lead you on the path of judging nothing and no-one – which, in turn, is the only thing that will divulge to you the inner knowing of true inner peace.


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Leonard said...

This is what I have to say on contentment:

contentment is a feeling that is always within you. It's just that most times we are not focussed on it. It is a place within us that we can always visit and refresh ourselves with real, solid contentment.

It's like a diamond that is already polished. It is just covered in dust and so it doesn't shine. But it is easy to dust it and it will shine beautifully.

Some people think that you have to polish the diamond. They make contentment a difficult thing to reach.

They say you have to live for 1000'ds of lifetimes before you can get peace. But these people are just making an excuse for themselves to remain unhappy.