Saturday, 28 July 2007

Do gay men understand women better than heterosexual men?

A question and answer posed by an anonomous reader: For your response -

"Do gay men have a better understanding concerning women than heterosexual men?"

Off the bat, I think that there is a simple explanation; generaly speaking - although it varies greatly, most gay men have an innate female energy that is greater than hetero males. The thing is that many gay men still do not realise how to properly use this energy; if this energy is left dormant and/or allowed to run rampant on its own - it's like a parent allowing it's child to run amuck - the child then does what it wants, because it knows there will be little - if any - concequences.

It is usually easier for a gay man to understand a woman's perspective, but that does not mean that they are exempt from the energetic consequence of having access to this perspective. There is absolutely no point in trying to understand the female energy - it is an energy that is more etheric than the intentionally grounded male energy - it makes little sense and is exasperating when trying to make sense of something that is under all circumstances not supposed to be rational.

I think that is why gay men can be such bitches - trying to make yourself understand why other people cannot understand your irrationality of a perspective of something that makes perfect sense, but cannot be rationally explained - it's difficult.
Many times, women do not really know why they do what they do - they also do not have the ability to explain how and why they are following their divine female instinct - they possibly do not even realise that in itself.

The solution? The Divine answer is, of course in my opinion, to have the male energy ground the female energy so that the female energy can create in freedom in this dimension - also allowing for expansion in consciousness of the male energy - the answer is easy, however, the catch is that both male and female need to know and respect this at all times.

The answer to the question if it is easier for gay men to undertsand women? Not necessarily. But Yes in some respects - but, in respect of what I have said, it makes it no less frustrating. The biggest frustration for a gay man - is another gay man.

Use it, don't use it - who knows...

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Ha,ha - well said.