Sunday, 16 December 2007

Here’s to old acquaintances.. Cheers!

I ran into an old acquaintance again this past weekend. After all the “hi, howzit and how are all the children (she actually asked me if I wanted to take over one of the sweetie-pies!? jokingly, of course.., God forbid!), and all that jazz”, we got to reminiscing and talking over a cuppa chai tea.
Well, lemme tell you.., I was astonished and “awfully delighted” (she’s terribly Queeny British) at what we ended up chatting about (we each went trough copious amounts of Mugg & Bean tea and elasticised bladders – and welcomed a sunset).

Here’s a run down:

· Achieve greater awareness in living and experiencing life.
· To evolve human consciousness to higher levels.
· To change lives and transform the universe.
· To revolutionize the way we understand the mind and reality.
Interesting lady wouldn’t you say?

OK, so, however, at one point during the nitty-gritty of the conversation (which centered around self-acceptance) I asked whether, after all the “run down” has been taken into consideration, some people might end up fearing that if we accept ourselves as we are, we will have no motive to improve ourselves?
If it were that we have to accept ourselves for who we are and accept our lives for what it is, – as part of our incarnation – then the implication would be to continue living with our issues and perceptions? Do we then discard them?
Setting her second cuppacino down, she said: “No, we simply recycle them.” Uuuuhhhh?

All right, let’s break it down further:
There are several popular and less popular spiritual authors out there who have written that it is way more beneficial to admit to ourselves that our personal and life issues are part of our incarnations, and to actively realise their value and learning to live with them and especially to see and live past them, and using them as a development tool to enhance the experience of life.

A mouth full for sure…

Contrary to what one may think, self-acceptance is usually a prerequisite to moving beyond aspects of our selves, which we would like to leave behind.

Once energy is created, it is created. It is now pointless to try and undo that which cannot be uncreated; but we can learn to enhance it as a life-lesson – a lesson that will always be available to draw on.
As creating on earth requires two aspects to be fulfilled – that of intention and that of action – we can use the knowledge gained of our so-called negative aspects to understand our own minds; and also in the unfolding of our individual and global realities.
There is also no truth in the fear of an apparent feeling of emptiness and insecurity if we come to accept ourselves, as the human will never loose the innate drive for improvement and growth or the need to love and be loved and be creative; when it is natural and not connected to the fear of rejection and failure, learning brings pleasure – scientifically and biologically.

Love & Regards,

Life-Force Channeller
& Psychic

Be your own best friend..

Earthly friendship with another becomes true in its meaning when we realise that it is bound to time in this life whereas friendship with yourself is something you have to face for the rest of your earthly existence. One thus faces the mastering of inner peace within yourself – and as everybody else is an extension of your personality, inner peace cannot be understood and applied without finding peace with the world’s people – ALL OF THEM!
But more to the point, how does a person master inner peace? Let’s break it down into three points:
· Get rid of survival mode
· Throw away the ego
· Pretend your gender doesn’t matter
Three, seemingly, impossible tasks – all going against human nature.

Survival instinct is built into our cellular structure, but that does not mean that it cannot be changed. The use of survival instinct was to instil in the human mind that you were alone and that you had to do everything on your own. You had to clear your own path, because nobody was going to do it for you; and, therefore, you had to compete for space, food, love and money on this planet – you had to survive.

The only way to transcend innate survival instinct is to know that you represent ultimate survival – you are the definition of survival. You are a master of humanity. You are the Light.
Begin by trusting in interdimensional forces that you will not understand, but know are always there, opposed to survival instinct, which is an old energy that says you have to compete for everything.

You have to toss away ego before you can balance it. What is meant by that? Ego is part of our design – we cannot switch it off, but you will know that your old ego triggers are discarded and that your ego is balanced when you can sit in a situation where somebody is calling you names and not feel it. Even if they are right. Becoming detached from ego-drama, irrespective of the situation, does not indicate divorcing yourself from living. Can you do that? An experiment here would be to disengage when a situation like this crops up. Simply respect the person who may be abusing you for the fact that they too are part of Humanity – recognise to yourself that they are the ones out of balance and not you. Do not join them in their abuse by accepting their unconscious invitation to revel in their drama; because that is what they are wanting and are waiting for. That is how one would disengage without airing superiority. There is no need for sarcasm from your side – that is pure ego-drama. Disengage, Scotty! Disengage.

Get rid of gender bias. Let me put it this way: A male orientated society has proven itself not to work – in looooong gone history of this planet, a female orientated society was as miserable a failure. The actual point that Spirit is interested in seeing is a society that is equal and without considerations of gender.
Most of us have been both sexes at different times and places in our incarnations. None is better than the other and none is capable of realising peace on earth on its own, regardless of what any mucho male egotist or feminist has to say. There is only one thing that will harmonise the sexes; and that is in seeing each other as spiritual incarnations within the broader experience of universal consciousness.
Identifying with certain things just because you are a certain gender and/or even campaigning against the other is nothing less than survival of dramatic ego.
Defining yourself on base of your gender (including whether one is heterosexual or homosexual or bi-sexual or a-sexual) only biases you to feel free to do certain things without expecting it to be questioned.

Just have a look at your favourite esoteric/spiritual masters, whether dead or alive – and if they have really achieved mastery you will find and see in them all three aspects that have been referred to above.
Now find and implement them in yourself. There is not really such a human as a “master” – it’s just a descriptive word, mostly used by those that externalise responsibility onto other humans they see as superior, or by people themselves who feel that the title of “master” hides their own inadequacies…
…and the system that will guide you in discovering your own mastery? Divine intuition. It is something that will assist you in knowing how fast to go and which way to turn. It, however, will not happen in advance. And that is what keeps many people away from their own intuitive abilities – the insecurity of not definitely knowing future happenings.
Intuition is a language that is spoken through symbols. It is our innate capability to read our surroundings – through animals, people, radio, billboards and events in nature. Our own inner Divine being also “speaks” to us through the actions and words of our friends and family. Inspiration is often unknowingly given by someone you hardly know or have met in passing – and sometimes we just need the unwitting push of a really good friend who might just be in your life for a season.


Life-Force Channeller
& Psychic

Sunday, 9 December 2007

North Pole Moon..

A scene you will probably never get to see, so take a moment and enjoy God at work at the North Pole. This is the sunset at the North Pole with the moon at its closest point. And, you also see the sun below the moon. An amazing photo and not one easily duplicated.



Space image..1970

Space image..1970

Space image..1970

Space image..1970

Space image..1975


Sunday, 18 November 2007

Finding structure in your self..

In the last few weeks I became quite disillusioned with some people and overlooked those who have supported me in various situations and thoughts. I became ensconced in the proverbial “enough is enough” conviction and forgot my true self.
After sipping ginger tea on the grass this afternoon, it came to me that when walking a spiritual/holistic path, one is likely to arrive at a time when one realises that this is more difficult than first imagined; and then to top it all – the realisation that one cannot, in fact, turn back the clock after having allowed Spirit “in”, so to speak.
Sometimes one just needs to sit back and look at the trees to admit that life is actually a wonderful process if one simply allows universal intelligence to run life.

Overcoming the self (with other words, freeing yourself from the expectation of others) and putting your true self out there is a frightening thought, and yet, totally liberating. That saying of “moving on” with your life; “pull yourself toward yourself and get over yourself” is when mastery is found in not being any particular identity – and just being that. Not so? And a master knows that he/she decides that for themselves.
One finds structure within this knowledge and action of no-identity – even in the face of a world that attacks everything with a labelling machine.
Your true identity only lies with you. To live this knowledge throughout your life is to live life from the soul’s perspective.
To put it simply – it’s all in the attitude.

Taking the above said under advisement; where does that lead one then? Saints and sages from yesteryear like Ghandi and more modern writers like Deepak Chopra, all spoke and speak of the essence of love in that the essence of love is the expansion of your own identity as the lover. Wonderful! Really nice! But what does it actually mean?
The person who is going to end up walking a balanced life is the one who has mastery on the inside – the one who realises that they are an equal partner with God – taking the hand (so to speak) of that which we cannot see in our 3D linearity and not put it on an unreachable pedestal and make of it an unattainable goal. That’s the person who has mastery and that’s the one everybody ultimately wants to be with.
There must be no misunderstanding; the passion for a spiritual path that enhances a person is the result of the melding of the human heart with the love of God.
A person who is bound to the sway of life-drama – thus living to survive – is the one who will place stock and expectancy in being let down by others, including the one closest to them. Your heart will be broken many times and you will break other’s hearts. You will allocate blame – including blaming new loves for past lovers’ transgressions.

Roots are for insecure people. Your “rootedness” must lie in yourself and not in outer structures and external ideologies. A belief in exterior “rootedness” (when others’ opinions mould our identities) will lead to a letting go of your dreams and ideals – replacing your creativity with dogma. Once you have assumed a particular definition, you will feel strongly inclined to defend this assumptive identity – this is furtive ground for the ego. All possible strategies will be devised by your egoic mind to convince you that you are not capable or self-sufficient.
If you believe that you are inadequate, other people will believe it also.
Living from the perspective of your soul is to know and accept others as they are, really! Not just saying it, and always meaning and knowing it. It is a life style, a way of life and part of your outlook on life. It will be with you every waking moment and transfer to every conscious and unconscious act. From there you will understand where others have been in life and you will accept who they have become. You will also, without question, accept who you have become and allow and invite others to grow.
And above all, you will gain immense respect for other people; you will acquire an unfathomable respect for life (understanding that everything comes from the one Life that is universal energy in its various states of motion); you will be awed at your part in all of this – and you will come to know that wisdom is truly much more than intelligence.
To be consciously aware of whom you are in relation to others, you will have to be your own best friend.

“The man who views the world at fifty, the same as he did at twenty, has wasted thirty years of his life.”
- Muhammad Ali


Life-Force Channeller
& Psychic

Link to webpage of Lilac Master -

Convergence and the Dove

Abstract Art by Anthony Evans..

One of my favourites..

Fury and the Dove

Abstract Art by Anthony Evans..

Thursday, 1 November 2007

What is self-empowerment?

The word self- empowerment (whether spelt with or without a hyphen) does not appear in my laptop’s SA, US or UK English thesauruses, nor in my own Essential English- or Oxford dictionaries at home.
There are all kinds of other self-‘whatevers’, but not self- empowerment.
So, I am left to my own devices in explaining what self-empowerment means to me.

A self-empowered person, to me, is somebody who has found, within himself or herself, the stability of mind in the knowing that each person has their own truth within themselves. Realising that there are many truths, and not just one, will result in the knowing of the right of each individual to follow their own truth.
The question then arises if this knowing will result in chaos – if everybody just does what he or she wants?
The answer is NO – not when people have an inner knowing of self-empowerment. Abuse of thought and taking advantage for monetary gain will be part and parcel of ANY modality that no truly self-empowered person will or is morally able to make cheap reward of.

In this light, self-empowerment is something that comes from within a person’s psyche. It does not refer to riches, social standing or how much one can show it off. Self-empowerment cannot be seen, it cannot be bought, and it is not on sale at the nearest retail outlet. I mean, could you imagine? – it would become a bling item for a few weeks or months, purposefully marketed as a “have-to-have” by Hollywood’s finest sales reps and then be discarded for the next best thing – completely hollow and without meaning.
Self-empowerment is also not in-born self-assurance, although a vital ingredient in self-esteem, self-assurance is not self-empowerment. Self-empowerment is that which one acquires through wisdom gained through life experience.

Self-empowerment is a personal knowing that you are your own highest authority. It has to do with who and what you are. It is about you as a human being and not about any body else. Self-empowerment is not something you can touch, but you can feel it. Other people can also feel your self-empowered state, but they cannot physically touch it. They may be able to verbally affect it, but that will depend on the strength and conviction of your own state of mind.
Others will “see” a strength in you – a silent strength that needs no exterior support – and they may become fearful of you and resort to blackmailing tactics in an effort to diminish your value in your self; especially if they are seen as “superior” to you in some way in your social- or work life.


Life-Force Channeller
& Spiritual Counsellor

Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Two great links..

Below are two links to some interesting places:

Here is the link to Zenatude - - a place that explores movement, consciousness and life.

This site is called Optamind - about meditation technique.
Follow this link - point your arrow to FREE MEDITATION DOWNLOAD and then click on the drop down option OPTAMIND DEMO - you'll have to register your first name and e-mail address (no worry, it's quite harmless). Click on PLEASE SUBSCRIBE ME and follow the link as to save their demo meditation music onto your PC. It's the sound of droning rain with a Tibetan singing bowl in the background - quite amazing. You can listen to it before you download it - it's about 12 minutes.

Saturday, 20 October 2007

For the past several weeks I have been hectically busy training people on how to press buttons on computers; still carrying on with the spiritual stuff, treatments and, and.. – oh, bother, Spirit did warn me that I need to slow down – and I am now heeding this warning. Burn out hit me full on and left me wilted in bed.
So much for taking my own advice on not doing sooo much.
And at the end of the day, it’s not worth it.
What’s that advert about “you’re worth it”?

Anyhoo. If you are not going to see to it that your life is filled with more meaningful activities than slogging away at a job – and also allowing your self sufficient mental recuperation – then Spirit will see to it that you get to rest the hard way; stick your touchy in bed with a stuffy nose and a body that feels flabbier than a punctured wine skin.
Honestly, though, it is of vital benefit to notably include in our busy lives actual activities that have nothing to do with our work life – and by “activities” I mean things like Yoga, meditation groups, cycling groups, book clubs, creative writing, getting holistic treatments, etc..; that is why hobbies are very beneficial. Something meaningful that occupies your mind with creative thoughts. And then – get enough rest! Meaning that thing that requires you to do nothing. Everyone needs a time to do absolutely nothing, but sleep late, watch movies and snack in bed.
And one really needs to do this. Avoid learning it the hard way. Also don’t try and do everything all the time – some things just simply have to be left for later…, or never.

It is not plausible to tell other people how they should spend their leisure time or that they need to actively decide to have more of it. Each to their own. But, it is a decision that needs to be made and enforced; it does not drop into your lap.

Does anybody have anythin to add on how to spend quality time on your own? How does one do nothing?


Wednesday, 3 October 2007

What is life-force channelling?

In this week’s Lilac Master I am going to respond to a question that has been posed to me several times – and that is on what I actually do in the metaphysical world.
Over the past 7 years I have been studying various metaphysical modalities such as energy healing (like Reiki), Yoga, Zen, polarity therapy, crystal healing, charkas, and several more – also some psychic methods.
I have recently come up with a new modality, called life-force channelling, and this is what I have been working on.
I have not yet advertised it on my web pages, because I still have things to work out, but I have included below a description of what it entails:

I practice a form of energy evaluation of the human psyche through clairsentients and interpretation of the body’s surrounding and emanating energies, called life-force channelling.

What is life-force channelling and how is it applied?
Life-force channelling incorporates and is based upon two primary feelings: undiluted love and complete respect.
Universal consciousness is always present and is always communicating with us; it is simply a matter of being aware of the means of communication and familiarising your self with the different means of interpretation.
Through life-force channelling you will come to know how to read the energies of the metaphysical world and also how to interpret the symbolic language of the body. Thus, basically, speaking with that that has created us.

Life-force channelling is a hands on energetic treatment. The majority of the treatment is based on energy healing, as in the use of, for example, Reiki, and evaluating the emotional status of the physical body through the major energy centres. It also includes physical touch therapy, massage and crystal reflexology – and a bit of intuitive polarity therapy.

A full 2-hour life-force channelling treatment from head to toe, including the written 82-page support manual (Orgasms of Light) will come to R500. (Note: the last half hour/ twenty minutes is spent on communicating the messages and symbology received from Universal consciousness to the client.)
Without the support manual the treatment will cost R400.
The support manual on its own is R100.
The PDF is R80.
The full treatment will include the following: A 12-minute relaxation technique, followed by a half hour crystal massage on the feet. The major energy vortexes of the body are then treated and analysed through a clairsentient process that penetrates and harmonises with your energy field. Therapeutic touch (polarity technique) is also applied to the neck, shoulders, spine and hands.
The treatment is quite intense and leaves all clients in an altered state of consciousness after the treatment is complete. Some will be notably invigorated and some will experience tearful release of ‘heavy’ emotions.
Because the entire treatment is also a psychic interpretation of the client personally, 30 minutes or so will be spent (after the treatment is complete) in relaying to the client what it is that they should know, who they are now and who they can become and what decisions they are currently facing and what they can do about them. The analysis is very personal and only applies to the client in regards to what type of person they truly are.

A shortened version of the treatment (of 1 and a half hours) only, will come at a cost of R350.

Other treatments and analyses on offer:
A crystal foot massage of 45 minutes, including a 5-minute clairsentient/clairvoyant interpretation of the client’s psyche – taken during the treatment. Cost = R100
One-on-one or long distance (over e-mail) psychic analysis of the client’s personality and reason for being here on Earth. Cost = R150

Following below is a short explanation if one is going to learn the art of life-force channelling (I hope to at a later stage give classes in this modality).
If you have read or are going to read the support manual Orgasms of Light you will come to realise that life-force channelling is all about giving people the highest possible respect in relaying to them information from Spirit. By doing this, you are allowing them to realise their highest potential and authority within themselves. Interpreting another’s life-force is not for the weak-minded and takes great power from within to analyse simply as an observer, so as to allow the one receiving life-force channelling to step into their own power if they so wish.
Hence the title Orgasms of Light – as we are all the result of birth from the Universal consciousness.
Life-force channelling can be summed up thus: Having respect for everything that comes into your thought, passes by your way or comes into your space. What does this actually mean? To gain such an intimate knowing of respecting everything can only come from one specific place of consciousness – this is revealed, assimilated and understood through the complete understanding of your self; to know who you really are. It is to gain freedom from desperation, victim mentality, expectancy and need. Simply stated, it means the understanding of and practical use and implementation of unconditional love. Unconditional love is not something that yet proliferates on the earth plane amongst humanity. It is, in our human reality, quite rare, if sometimes even non-existent.
All types of human relationships suffer from desperation, victim mentality, expectancy and need, but we do not need to be the slaves of these emotions.
Being able to act out love that does not require reciprocation is a divine trait that many see as impossible to attain, but it is possible; and you will only start to attain it by starting to live it. To wait for the completion of something before you start practicing it falls in with the mundane concepts of our scholastic world and its derivatives. In the metaphysical world - to learn and teach, go together. To fool yourself into thinking that you need the completion of the learning process to start teaching those exact things, points to the fear of the development of the psyche.
Yes, experience is great and necessary, and emotional experience is gained very well through respectfully, and without judgement, allowing that experience for another without trying to control it.
If you are going to truly understand the forces of life, then you will be presented with things and situations that will teach you respect.
Respect through unconditional love for absolutely everything in life will allow you to come to know what life-force channelling is all about. It will teach you also to understand the energetic manifestations of the body, brought forth in the interpreting of metaphysical symbols within the human psyche.

Life-force channelling in its pure form is to communicate with Creation.


Life-Force Channeller
& Spiritual Counsellor

Tuesday, 18 September 2007

You Are What You Eat..

A reader asked me to expand and explain more on the saying “you are what you eat” – this comment is often used and I also quote it in my book ORGASMS OF LIGHT in the chapter regarding food.
“You are what you eat” is a well-known saying. So much so that people tend to not recognise the truth attached to it.

However, I do not wish to over-explain and have decided to quote from a book called NEO HEALTH, by Keith Armour Mc Farlane:
“Any health condition is an indication that your body is like a ‘stagnant pond’. It is essential, that you immediately halt any further toxification. This includes physical, emotional, mental and environmental toxification.

If you insist on feeding yourself poison, you are wasting your time!

As far as nutrition goes, immediately cut out all processed, refined, artificially flavoured, coloured and preserved foods as well as all genetically modified foods and foods with added sugar and salt.

Cut out all stimulants like coffee, tea, alcohol, tobacco and soft drinks. All drugs, both pharmaceutical and recreational are toxic to your body. NOTE: Always consult your medical practitioner before making any changes to prescriptive medication.
Avoid dairy products, hydrogenated oils and if you are going to eat meat, do so sparingly and make sure that it is organic. Do not drink tap water” (I would think that that would indicate not drinking tap water straight from the tap without having it filtered first) “, which is highly chlorinated and fluoridated and reduce or eliminate air conditioning, antiperspirants and” (chemically enhanced) “sun block creams. Remember if you can’t eat it, don’t put it on your skin.

Cut all fear mongering and stay away from pessimists. Fear is the greatest inhibitor of life. You need love, encouragement and support.

The next point is extremely important to remember.

As soon as you begin emptying your ‘stagnant pond’, the toxins must be released from your body as quickly as possible. Any increase of toxins in your blood stream will increase blood protein loss and this will put you right back where you started.

Once you begin your journey, keep the channels of elimination open and flowing. Internal organ cleanliness is next to Godliness!”

Comment: Although the above quote is well stated (in my opinion), one also has to bear in mind that each person follows their own journey in health of body, mind and soul. The thing that we have to always remember is not to judge anybody for not following the same path that you are on, for not sharing the same opinion(s) as you or not supporting the same actions than you. This is vital for your own continued growth as a responsible individual.


Spirit Intuit
Reiki Practitioner
Life-Force Channeller
Spiritual Counsellor &

Monday, 17 September 2007

Energy Healing..

What does energy healing involve and is there only one right way to do it?

I mulled over this question for a few days – and eventually came up with a totally different way of answering it than I originally thought..
First, I got down to the logistics of the question, but then thought better of it and simply let go of my own convictions and beliefs. The one answer was given me in two parts – one about creativity and the other about self-respect.

Always know that no energetic healing in ANY form can ultimately bring a cure to anybody. Healing can ONLY be facilitated for another. So…, in a way it does depend on the psyche of the healer as to how much ego will be present in the healing.
If you want to know if there is only one way of doing energy healing, the answer is NO, but there is one thing (actually one thing that is two) that prerequisites it’s honest facilitation.
· Facilitating energy healing is an act of creativity, and creativity requires courage - the courage to let go of certainties.
Let go of the certainty that you are bringing healing or that the person who is receiving the healing is honestly receiving it. You can only be certain of your own self – in who you are. There is no more than that.
· This then brings us to the second point of the whole thing that concerns the integrity of the healer: The awesome and singular power of self-respect will enable you to live your life in a state that does not succumb to the expectations of others – to “give yourself back to yourself”.
Your inner conviction will increase a thousand-fold with the timely acquisition of self-respect. Honest and real self-respect will result in respect for everything and everyone. This kind of respect will encompass every fibre of your being – including your little toe, which, symbolically, is the perception of your own potential.

With this knowledge in practice that nothing and no one is certain and everything and everybody is in a constant state of creation, you will gain immense power of discernment.
Viewing your self and all others with the utmost deep and inner respect possible, will enlighten you to the healing powers of the life force of the universe and all of creation – everywhere.

Only from this point can one truly be a healer:
Treat people as if they were already what they ought to be in their grandest version of themselves –
- when you begin to defend your assumptive definitions, ego arises in all its corrosive splendour.

..we tend to live up to our expectations..

Spirit Intuit
Reiki Practitioner
Life-Force Channeller
Spiritual Counsellor &

Living from the Soul's Perspective..


Whatever connection happens on the inside of you will manifest on the outside.

These days as soon as a thing is introduced into the market with an opening sale, within a few days it will be on the closing sale.
Our modern lives are, for the most part, quite rushed (“diplomatic enough?”). Before you know it, your face will be out of fashion and the shoes you bought last week - will really be… so last week.
A colleague of mine once asked my advice on how to spend less money in a month (“mmmmm, maybe she was on a low cycle that day…”) – as soon as I dared tell her that she should stop buying all those superfluous magazines, she baulked. Aaaah, there is so much to keep us in-the-know; in our social settings and in business.
Even in spirituality there is an astronomical amount of paraphernalia that would qualify one as a seasoned stuffologist.
By the time you have finished with all the breathing exercises and mantras and journal writing and meditations and readings and going onto all the websites you are supposed to look at because you are told to in the 900 e-mails you receive and, and, and…, oh myyy, it’s already tomorrow afternoon – and you have not even gone to work yet…, sis on you, there’s still the dishes to do.
This kind of I know nothing and believe everything attitude will land you up in an institution, even if it is only one of mental proportions…, uh, pardon the pun?

In our modern day, it is imperative that we lessen the impact of modern stuffology. Our mental applications are now being over taxed – more or less like an old steam train trying to get up a steep hill; by now so overloaded with coal that it just might not make the top.
Dearies, the only solution to this hiccup is a concrete attempt at throwing out. Not even filing away or, God forbid, putting it somewhere else for supposed later filing or never-to-happen getting rid of.

I remember once when the big furry cleaning spider but me – it was ugly; the spider, I mean. I donned the proverbial apron and plastic cloves and attacked the inner bowels of my cottage. I scrubbed floors; packed out, cleaned and repacked cupboards; threw out piles of old clothes and books, ready for the recycle and reuse bins. My mad hatter interlude became a bit of a three day “get cleaned or get out” situation – including any human passers by.
So, what am I getting at?..


…and what on earth would be the point of discussing the be-cluttering operations we all undergo? I am not going to write a whole book containing copious practical applications and umpteen ways of doing more stuff to undo the other stuff. We are all aware of the different aspects of life-cluttering situations. What needs to be looked at and acted upon, however, is the acknowledgement of a conscious cleanup operation in every aspect of living life.

Your biggest responsibility on this earth is your self – because it is only from there that you can serve the rest of humanity.
Modern society is coming up with way too many bigger and better things. A lot of them work, but many don’t – or they seem to work for a while, and the promises are fantastic. Mmmmmmmmmmmm, it’s like replacing computer software the whole time; people forget that much of the old stuff still work – it is simply a matter of upgrading that, instead of throwing the baby out with the bathwater and rubber ducky – and end up with millions of ever multiplying viruses.
You would probably be tempted to say that this is an oversimplified statement – and there lies our problem – for most, life is simply not simple enough.
If living is getting fabulously complicated – honey! it’s time to clean up the brain chamber.

The easiest way of doing this life-de-cluttering parade is to hire a gay housekeeper for the day –noooooo, just kidding (you might end up having your drapes rearranged!)
PLEASE people – HUMOR! That’s a vital ingredient if you are going to un-clutter your self.
…, but before we get the recipe befuddled, let’s stick to the actual topic under discussion: Living your life from the perspective of the soul.

Because this is a like-minded blog site, I am not going to continue expounding on this topic over the next thirty pages – so, suffice it to say that: if you can accomplish this – living from the soul’s perspective – in every aspect of you living life and that it becomes the primary point of consideration when making decisions, your life will be much easier to handle.
just BE in feeling…

Does anybody care to further comment on this?


Spirit Intuit
Reiki Practitioner
Life-Force Channeller
Spiritual Counsellor &

Living Life Resposibly..

Living life responsibly –

I have been giving this one some thought – one could easily end up writing an essay – and came up with a solution in writing about this topic in, more-or-less, point form:

Before we chat about what it is to live a responsible life, it would be more prudent to highlight several emotional drawbacks that do not contribute to living responsibly with yourself.

Such a state, whether temporary or chronic, usually occurs when people aren't connected with themselves as their own source of love. It's an emptiness that seeks to fill itself with the attention of other people.
Jealous people share with possessive ones a lack of self-nurturance.
People, who fall in love or are drawn to the same type of person all the time, are usually following the impulse of the ego’s will rather than the spontaneous intuition of the deeper soul.
The person who remains attached to a lost love is a person who is all too willing to overlook the deepest flaws of another and to surrender his/her identity to that person. This act is co-dependency, not the respectful and appreciative merging of two equals.
These emotions come into effect when one cannot set one’s emotional boundaries; or enforce the know-how in helping to draw the line between compassion and emotional identification.
People who display this quality are characterized by a reluctance to become involved emotionally with others. When those who want their advice pursue them, they tend to withdraw even more deeply. They reason that when they're burdened with a problem they prefer to figure it out themselves, rather than risk interference from others. What they don't see is that they are missing out on the opportunity to relate to and learn from other people.

To remedy the abovementioned issues, there is actually only one solution: RESPECT. That’s it. And what’s more, respect for your self. Respecting only others is not going to get you very far – sorry for that, but it’s completely true. You cannot have complete respect for others if you do not completely respect yourself…, and by complete respect I MEAN complete respect!
Through learning and practicing this respect, it will be a natural and immediate consequence that your respect will flow out to others and other things.
But, to make it a bit simpler (and instead of writing numerous pages on self-respect), I am going to mention some straightforward methods to achieve right living:

Right living will be instituted and maintained through practicing the five basic yoga principles of:

1. Non-harming
2. Honesty
3. Non-stealing
4. Responsible sexuality
5. Greedlessness

‘Non-harming’ is something I speak about in a big way in my book Orgasms Of Light – if one’s decisions do not harm another being or thing then you are probably on the right track.

‘Honesty’ is a quality that is rather lacking today – and when found is really worth treasuring; firstly within yourself and also within others.

‘Non-stealing’ – whether this is shoplifting, emotional blackmail or the usurping of ideas, stealing generates a simple yet downright heavy energy of lack within your self.

‘Responsible sexuality’ points to not taking advantage of others – sexually. And this includes your spouse. Because if you do take advantage of others in this way, you will directly also be taking advantage of your own integrity.

‘Greedlessness’ is an act of kindness. Being greedy is simply an act of desperation. Greed is a tempting factor in anything and everything.

All of the above first needs to be addressed within your self. And all of the above can be achieved through one act only – and that is: HAVE RESPECT FOR EVERYTHING THAT YOU ARE AND DO – and if you really achieve this without fooling yourself, you do not have to consciously worry about whether you respect others, because you will.


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Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Orgasms Of Light - my new book

It is my pleasure to finally announce the official release of my book
Orgasms Of Light

Orgasms Of Light is available as a PDF and in filed manuscript format.

o The printable PDF is only 401KB with no pictures – at a cost of R80. The file will be e-mailed to you on request and receipt of payment.

o The printed & filed manuscript is available at R100.

A description of the book and sale information is available on my web pages at:

See under the captions for BOOK, ORDERS, etc.

Saturday, 25 August 2007

The Science of Numbers

What is numerology actually all about? What is scientific about it – or is it just all spooky woo-woo?

When I was asked this question by a client recently – all I can remember is staring at her forehead and wondering if she used botox…
My explanation was not very well formulated and I think the lady was turned off numerology for life afterward. Oh well – but, her forehead was very smooth and shiny…

So many of us are trapped in this feast/famine cycle in our lives – swinging from loving life to wanting to slit our wrists with a blunt nail file. The titillation is now, of course, to find answers to life’s pressing questions. (Does that include: Honey, what’s for lunch?) Although there are many wise ways to find these answers; personally, I would stick to only a few, since THERE ARE JUST TOO MANY to do all of them! You’ll just end up cross-eyed and salivating from the mouth. Seriously!
One of the ways to find out who you are supposed to be in this life; what it is all about and why, I recommend Pythagorian numerolgy: It is a tool that provides insight through self-understanding, through which we are able to direct a more determined life path.
The numerology process that I have investigated is the one formulated by Pathagoras.
Fabulous! So, now that I am slightly off the hook here – I am going to give you the answer to the above question taken from THE COMPLETE BOOK OF NUMEROLOGY – discovering the inner self – by David A. Phillips, Ph.D.
Published by Hay House – ISBN 13: 978-1-4019-0727-3 / ISBN 10: 1-4019-0727-X

“Numerology recognises that numbers are vibrations, and each vibration is different from the next due to the number of cycles it oscillates at per second. The variation in each case is a number. “
It is well known in astrology, metaphysics, quantum physics and science that the universe speaks (so to speak…) a mathematical language.
“Every sound, colour, fragrance and thought is a vibration, and each dances to the tune of its inherent number, each in its distinct way connected to life.”
…and since it has been found and proven that humans are made up of similar building blocks in their bodies as found elsewhere in outer space bodies - thus, my dearies, it does not require any stretch of the imagination, whatsoever, to deduce that the emanations of vibrations by a human form are intimately connected to the vibration of numbers.
“ As such, understanding numbers provides us with a simple and accurate meaning of our life in the same way as a road map helps us to navigate a route that we have not previously travelled.”
Born in 608 B.C., Pythagoras sought to free the human mind from political and religious confinement.
Pythagoras founded his own university and Crotona, a Greek colony in southern Italy, around 532 B.C. The major course taught was in self-development, and was provided in a three-part curriculum… The second trimester was called ‘Purification’ and its essence was the understanding of life; its purpose and how to work in harmony with that purpose, as taught through the Science of Numbers, more commonly known today as numerology.

When performing this type of numerological outlay – it is not a simple 30 minute process…, To do it properly and in detail (and written out) requires some time – and a full outlay of this kind would take a full day to complete, at least.
Firstly, the person doing the layout would need a good metaphysical understanding of numbers – and also of the so-called ‘three aspects of the self’.

Such a layout would include the following:
1. The calculation of the birth chart according to your date of birth – with other words the vibrations and potentials you were born with (includes schematic).

2. The arrows of individuality – pointing to strengths and weaknesses in relation to the number vibrations held on the birth chart. Thus, the difficulties and strengths you are facing in your life (depicted on birth chart).

3. The ruling number – The natal ruling number depicts the main vibration of your purpose for being. However, it is supposed to be a marker (as all other numbers) and is not fixed, as one can definitely and should attempt to evolve beyond that.

4. The day number, which is a lesser concern in regard to the ruling number.

5. Schematic calculation of your nine-year cycle – these cycles facilitate the progress we are able to achieve as we evolve through the process of life on earth.

6. The Pyramids – these symbolise a twenty-seven year cycle in a human life by which one can deduce four physical peak ages of change in one lifetime and what they would basically entail. (It also has a special significance for Biblical scholars, for it is the number of chapters of the fourth book of the Bible – called Numbers.

7. The Astrology/Numerology connection

8. The Name chart – in which is deduced the power held by the vibration of your name in relation to mathematical numbers.

The Science of Numbers (Pythagorean Numerology) - R250 for a fully inclusive layout
If you wish to know what your life lesson and life purpose is, then this method of divination will give you a much more detailed picture:
Layout of Birth Chart (three aspects)
Ruling number
Day number
Nine-year cycle diagram
‘Pyramids’ of change
Astrology connection
Numerology on your name, incl. Soul Urge and Outer Expression numbers
Name Chart
Done via e-mail / post


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Wednesday, 15 August 2007

The Way Of The Wizard

Instead of writing a book review; you should know me in this; I am going to pick up the angle with a personal story:
The Way Of The Wizard – 20 Spiritual Lessons For Creating The Life You Want ISBN 0 7126 0878 8 - copyright Deepak Chopra 1995
…The book was first published by Harmony Books – and in SA, by Random House.

This is a fascinating and well-written book. Besides being written by one of my favourite authors – The Way Of The Wizard is a book that teaches one to reclaim what is already yours. The book came to me in a strange and quite unexpected way – I was helping a friend clean out his garage and, lo and behold, I spotted the book – already thrown in the trailer meant for the dump. Now…, if something is going to present itself to me in such a direct way, I am going to follow up on it. It was lying in full view – all “abused”, but the pages all in good condition. I asked my friend if I could read it…

…anyway, I could hardly put the book down and read it trough in 5 days. It is not a long book and is easy to read. What struck me was the way in which the book alternates between myth and human reality – correlating between them.
Don’t make the mistake of labelling this book with a Harry Potter label, just because of the use of the word and imagery of WIZARD… absolutely not.

“Complete freedom and fulfilment come from rediscovering the magic we have lost – but that remains within our grasp. Once we have found the wizard, the inner guide, deep inside ourselves we will be lifted from the ordinary, humdrum world to a new one dominated by miracles.

This extraordinary powerful book offers a series of lessons, together with full explanations and advice, on how to walk the wizard’s way. The result is a practical and accessible guide to one of life’s shortest but most rewarding journeys: the one into the realm of boundless possibilities that exists within and all around us.”

With this book I actually sat with a pencil – making notes…, something I rarely do.

Tuesday, 14 August 2007

What is the difference between being psychic and intuitive?

NOUN - Psychic
1. A person who supposedly contacts the dead. A medium.
In gnostic theologian Valentinus' triadic grouping of man the second type; a person focused on intellectual reality (the other two being hylic and pneumatic).
Well…, I am definitely not a medium (you know…, like Whoopi Goldberg in the movie Ghost) – and explanation two went over my head.
To put it into plain English, I would say that the term “psychic” is an umbrella term. It denotes the various kinds of psychic abilities available to us. Everybody has psychic ability – it’s just that some choose to ignore this or don’t believe in it at all (and thus do not realise the ability), some dabble in it and others realistically manifest it. Calling somebody psychic is like saying you are a musician or a doctor – the question is what kind of musician or what type of doctor: One could be more adept at one or two of the clairs for example (clairvoyance, clairsentience or clairaudience); one could classify oneself as an empath, tarot reader, cheirologist (God knows if I spelt that correctly – not even the mighty WORD has that in its repertoire – it’s people who read hands ((not only palms))) or channeller; etc. The list is long…
The thing is that a psychic will in all probability rely on several means to perform this psychic-thing, concentrating on and specialising in one or two specific areas. And, yes, one would also find psychic mediums.

An intuitive, on the other hand, relies slightly more on basic – yup, you guessed it! – intuition.
Everybody is born with an innate sense of intuition. Sorry loveys, but you can’t get away from that fact. Once again, however, it can be realised, or not. We use intuition even if you ignore the existence of it – all of us use it in our daily activities and business. It is not something you think about – and is part and parcel of the human make-up. Simply put, it’s a survival tool.
The Oxford dictionary defines intuition as: - the ability to understand or know something immediately, without conscious reasoning - .
And – an intuit is someone who reasons through intuition. Go figure!

Saturday, 4 August 2007

How does one achieve and keep inner peace?

…what inner peace is and how to keep it actually go hand in hand.
You see, to maintain a believable peaceful outlook, one also needs to have and maintain an inner harmony, because it is this unseen energy of inner peacefulness that other people will pick up on; and this peacefulness cannot be maintained if it is not real – one cannot have it if it is not truly present; it can also not be truly experienced if not honestly felt. So, this is one of those wonderful scenarios where it cannot be unless it is..

That wonderful clich̩ of inner peace Рas if we are all supposed to be happy and content, wafting about on tulle, lace and incense Рmight as well be on Prozac for dogs Рyou might have less of a headache.
But seriously though, inner peace is not something you are going to get at 20% discount at Woolies nor pick up at bargain price at Morkels. It is not something that can be taught you by somebody else – it can only be shown. You can do as much Yoga as you want, deary, but you will never find the contentment of inner silence if you do not put practice into knowledge. Belief in something is not the complete picture – a belief is ultimately something that needs to be justified with a YES or NO.
Knowledge is inner knowing – it is your own truth that need not be explained to anybody and also has no requirement for anybody to prove it to you – for wanting something proven to others is an indication that you still have not proven it to yourself…, and this will not promote inner peace.

Inner peace can only be attained through the acknowledgement of everybody as his or her own highest authority – as seemingly painful as that might be. When your eyes have opened more to appreciate the processes of creation instead of the daily slog of survival, it is natural to be saddened by those who reach for their potential, but are drawn back by their own fears of experiencing. A very dangerous thing lies in making decisions for other people, because you think they would be happier for choosing to take the road of experiencing – you are not them – we are individuals for the reasoning of that unique individual experience. My truth may not be yours and yours not mine. Truths may be similar – and frequently are - , but they still are the truths of the individual experiencing them.
If you can respect this, you can respect all. If you can believe this, you will come to know it. If you can hold this in your consciousness always, you will live with inner peace – and this will lead you on the path of judging nothing and no-one – which, in turn, is the only thing that will divulge to you the inner knowing of true inner peace.


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Saturday, 28 July 2007

Do gay men understand women better than heterosexual men?

A question and answer posed by an anonomous reader: For your response -

"Do gay men have a better understanding concerning women than heterosexual men?"

Off the bat, I think that there is a simple explanation; generaly speaking - although it varies greatly, most gay men have an innate female energy that is greater than hetero males. The thing is that many gay men still do not realise how to properly use this energy; if this energy is left dormant and/or allowed to run rampant on its own - it's like a parent allowing it's child to run amuck - the child then does what it wants, because it knows there will be little - if any - concequences.

It is usually easier for a gay man to understand a woman's perspective, but that does not mean that they are exempt from the energetic consequence of having access to this perspective. There is absolutely no point in trying to understand the female energy - it is an energy that is more etheric than the intentionally grounded male energy - it makes little sense and is exasperating when trying to make sense of something that is under all circumstances not supposed to be rational.

I think that is why gay men can be such bitches - trying to make yourself understand why other people cannot understand your irrationality of a perspective of something that makes perfect sense, but cannot be rationally explained - it's difficult.
Many times, women do not really know why they do what they do - they also do not have the ability to explain how and why they are following their divine female instinct - they possibly do not even realise that in itself.

The solution? The Divine answer is, of course in my opinion, to have the male energy ground the female energy so that the female energy can create in freedom in this dimension - also allowing for expansion in consciousness of the male energy - the answer is easy, however, the catch is that both male and female need to know and respect this at all times.

The answer to the question if it is easier for gay men to undertsand women? Not necessarily. But Yes in some respects - but, in respect of what I have said, it makes it no less frustrating. The biggest frustration for a gay man - is another gay man.

Use it, don't use it - who knows...

Be a better Globetrotter. Get better travel answers from someone who knows.
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Sunday, 22 July 2007

How do you know if you really love someone?

How to know if someone is your true beloved – how to know how to attract this energy?
The answers lie in your self-worth and realisation of your own inner image. In my healing sessions with people, I have encountered this question more often than not – as it is probably one of the most important questions you have to ask..
Love, or the lack thereof, very literally makes our world go round –
The answer is actually quite simple, but it is the implementation that might be more intricate:

Istly - If you really wish to know if someone is the ‘right one’ in love, then ask yourself what you would do/feel if that person was no longer going to be there from now on – just POOF! – gone. Or even imagine yourself in a situation where you are no longer there – you no longer exist in any form; your essence is nowhere.
The person’s name you ultimately come up with; that’s your answer. Maybe you don’t come up with the name you thought you would?

We also have to bear in mind that having the ‘right one’ and only ‘that one’ is not going to be. To place yourself in an idyll of meeting your one-and-only life partner from the word go – and that’s it, end of discussion – is to set yourself up for much disappointment.

2ndly – Ego has to be removed from the entire equation. This can only be achieved through experience and working with our concept of time.

Intimate relationships are all subject to five considerations:

· Allowing your relationship to slip into predictable and monotonous routines:

By becoming overly comfortable with each other’s habits and attitudes, we unknowingly sow disaster. It also, as usual, takes two to tango – if only one partner makes the attempt at keeping the relationship fresh, well……, sorry, it ain’t going to work.
It is not easy keeping a relationship ‘wide eyed and bushy tailed’ when we are concentrating on running around, taking care of everything, but our own inner happiness. Sheer exhaustion is a killer of many more than just your inner stamina.
Keeping it fresh and lively should also not be a stressful factor – just breaking routine is what you need. Organising to go out to attend something social in the week is a fantastic way to break monotony. Do something regular with your partner in the week and also something irregular. Once you are in a set and predictable rut in all your relationship dealings, it is very hard to get out of it.

· Taking each other for granted and not attending to your partner’s needs:

Taking someone’s needs for granted is like telling someone that they are boring and unnecessary.
When you are truly with a person who you dearly love, you will naturally – and without thought - consider their requirements.
I am not talking about requirements thrown in the face of love – a relationship that is based on mental and emotional requirement will never survive very long. But, once again, it has to be both partners who consider each other’s life-paths – otherwise there will be no joy.
To be wilfully inconsiderate of another equates, energy wise, to placing yourself on a pedestal of non-caring. It is something that can be tangibly felt and is subconsciously filed.

· Update the growth of your relationship:

Things change – they always do. Remember – in life, CHANGE is the only constant.
Your relationship(s) is(are) going to grow – you cannot change that. So rather than fight the course of life, go with it and embrace it with your partner.
Maturity is the name of the game here – that is: mental and emotional maturity.
Be mature enough to say when something is not working for you – be mature enough to listen to what your partner is saying if something is not working for them.
And be mature enough to know when and if to let go – in everything.

· Making assumptions about what you think your partner is thinking and doing:

Mistrust is a gnawing rat that will eventually disembowel you. It is folly to surround your partner with an energy of your own assumption. Assuming them to be something they are not, is not going to work – When finally faced with one’s own growth, a person will always choose to be who they innately are – how long this takes depends on many things from the person him/herself, but it will eventually always be the winner.

· Not making your relationship a priority:

This is the biggy-one: When in an intimate relationship with someone, you know that there are things that you are going to have to compromise on – and they as well. It is natural and cosmically ‘right’ for us to be drawn together in loving relationships, especially intimate ones. In this you have to know that when two people form this bond, they generate a single energy – and there is also still the two individual energies of the separate people involved. Both these concepts have to exist, as foregoing the one in favour of the other is tantamount to murder.
An intimate relationship should have priority over and within the world of relationships. Here we encounter many accompanying energies such as respect, honour and open communication, etc.
Ultimately, if life is not a priority, then what is the point?”